A Love Letter to Women and Mes Filles 

The Sadie dress is named after one of my beloved daughters. I strive to celebrate the uniqueness of every woman and encourage my daughters and girlfriends to do the same. The vision for the Sadie dress came to life while I was taking an Eastern religions and philosophies class. We were discussing the Sari worn in India, and I thought how wonderful it must be to wear something so comfortable and personal. It became my mission to provide women the opportunity to have a dress in their wardrobes for any occasion… Something to count on when you’re looking to be comfortable, confident and beautiful.

The name Mes Filles means “my girls” in French and was inspired by my love of women and French words. I believe very strongly that women need to support each other. And you should know that a portion of what you spend on this dress will go to a women’s cause, merci!

The Sadie dress is made with 100% cotton, vegetable dyed, block print fabrics from India with limited production. They embody a life of beauty, simplicity and comfort. 

 Made for …… any woman, every reason